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Retouch Pilot 3.12

A program that was designed for removing imperfections from a photo
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Retouch Pilot can help you get rid of photo imperfections resulting from technical difficulties as well as from the passing of time. Besides, it can remove undesired objects, like electric wires and logs. In my opinion, the best advantage of using this program is its usability. In this respect, the utility can help you avoid the complexities of other more sophisticated products. However, if you still think that it’s difficult to use, perhaps the excellent demo examples can make you change your mind.

Retouch Pilot comes with those commonly found features that allow you to resize, crop and rotate an image. Moreover, Scratch Eraser removes scratches and spots. Another feature, called Tinter, can mask undesirable details by changing the brightness and color of the selected region. In addition, Liquify can help you change the shape of an image without any degradation whatsoever. In this respect, I really like the demonstration by which the nose and the lips of the girl in the photograph were pleasantly modified. Some other features are only available in the complete version of the software. They include Smart Patch, which allows you to apply a patch from one area to another and is particularly useful for complex backgrounds. Autopath, in turn, is very similar but works automatically.

In general, I like what Retouch Pilot lets me do to my photographs. However, I have to say that some results may not look as one desires because, in some cases, the results of the program’s intervention are quite gross. Therefore, I recommend the program for easy jobs that don’t require a high level of perfection. Luckily, the program can be used as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It comes with excellent demo examples
  • It can work with complex backgrounds
  • It can be used as a Photoshop plugin


  • The results may be not as good as expected
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